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Queer Peers

students and staffQueer Peers is a program set up to provide support to people within the LGBTQ community and those questioning their sexual identity, and also provide information to all people about LGBTQ issues. This website is set up to be a safe space for people to get support and information. It is an opportunity for those struggling with some issue surrounding their sexuality to talk to others in the LGBTQ community who have had similar experiences. This is not professional counseling, nor should it be used in place of professional help. All e-mail addresses and other personal information will be kept confidential.

How Does it Work?

Anyone can ask a question; however, it must be respectful. Any e-mail that is not respectful to our community or an individual will be automatically deleted. We have many different queer peers ready to answer your questions. Their experiences cross a very broad spectrum. After you email your question, the director or the LGBT Resource Center will decide which queer peer is most capable of answering the question, and then send it to that peer. For confidentiality and quality control, all e-mails (incoming and outgoing) go through the LGBT office and all of the sender's contact information is removed.

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Last Updated: 3/6/19