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Queer Conversations

Queer Conversations is a part of the LGBT Resource Center's educational programming. Based in dialogue and knowledge sharing, Queer Conversations creates a space for LGBTQIA+ students to explore the intersections of gender, sexuality, and race. In community and in collaboration with campus partners, these discussions dig in to the ways queer liberation and racial justice are tied together.

Queer Conversations: Where Is Black in the Rainbow?

image advertising Queer Conversations: Where is Black in the Rainbow on November 16th In Fall '21, we are collaborating with the Black Cultural Center to host three Queer Conversations asking: Where is Black in the Rainbow? Join us via Zoom in this monthly series as we tackle topics such as Black queer history, navigating marginalized identities that often feel at odds with each other, addressing anti-Black racism in the LGBTQIA+ community, and more. Register at the link below! The first 10 students to join each conversation will receive a DoorDash giftcard for their contributions to these conversations.

How to Participate

Queer Conversations is open to all students at the University of Utah. To participate in this semester's conversations, register to receive a Zoom link and reminders. Participants do not have to attend all three conversations, but are encouraged to join as often as possible to build on previous discussion and strengthen our community. This fall's dates are as follows:

    • September 21st, 12:00pm to 1:30pm
    • October 19th, 12:00pm to 1:30pm
    • November 16th, 12:00pm to 1:30pm

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Queer Conversations: Summer Book Club

Summer 2021: Juliet Takes a Breath by Gabby Rivera

The conversations aren't stopping for the summer! Join the LGBT Resource Center's first summer book club, featuring Gabby Rivera's novel Juliet Takes a Breath. Meet with fellow students and LGBT RC staff throughout the summer as we discuss Juliet Milagros Palante's own summer adventures exploring her lesbian and Puerto Rican identities, feminism, Portland hippies, family (chosen and blood), and of course love.

How to Participate

Queer Conversations is open to all students at the University of Utah. You do not need to be enrolled in Summer Semester courses to join. Students who participate will receive a free copy of the book, with their choice of reading the full-length hardback novel or the graphic novel adaptation.

We will meet 4 times over the summer, with each meeting set to talk about specific sections or themes in the novel (graphic novel readers will not follow these specific chapters) :

    • Friday, June18th 3:30-5:00pm -- Introductory meeting; receive books, intro activities
    • Friday, July 9th 3:30-5:00pm -- Preface - Chapter 8
    • Thursday, July 22nd 3:30-5:00pm -- Chapters 9-17
    • Friday, August 6th 3:30-5:00pm -- Chapter 18-Epilogue

Participants do not have to attend every meeting and there is no pressure to have read all chapters before meeting or to stick with   the book club's pacing. In addition to the book club meetings, participants will be invited to an online chat through our Discord Virtual Lounge to be able to talk with others about the book, expand on conversations that happened in meetings, or touch on things we couldn't get to on your own time. 


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About The Book

Hardback cover of Juliet Takes a Breath of the back of protagonist Juliet's head, the title shaved into her undercut with a bright yellow background.

Juliet Takes a Breath isn't your everyday coming-of-age story. Protagonist and narrator Juliet Milagros Palante is leaving the Bronx for a summer internship in Portland, Oregon just after coming out to her family. Still figuring out where she fits within multiple communities (among women, Puerto Ricans, queers), Juliet hopes to find some answers in her favorite author and "celesbian" Harlowe Brisbane, the authority on all things feminism, women's bodies, and smashing the patriarchy. But as magical as hippy Portland seems, Juliet quickly begins to realize she's coming up with more questions than answers. 

About the Author

Gabby Rivera's website describes her as a "Bronx-born, queer Puerto Rican author on a mission to create the wildest, most fun stories ever." As a writer, she focuses on queer Latinx joy. In addition to penning her critically acclaimed debut novel Juliet Takes a Breath, Rivera is also the first Latina to write for Marvel Comics with her comic series America and is also currently writing her own original comic series b.b. free. In 2020 she began her podcast joy revolution where she asks guests and listeners "how do you prioritize joy?". 

Themes & Topics

Queer Conversations is a program designed to generate discussions about specific topics and nuances about and within LGBTQIA+ experiences. Reading Juliet Takes a Breath is one way to create space for learning and conversation about various topics as the book presents a variety of themes and ideas. The book club meetings may include conversations about any of the following:

    • Puerto Rican history
    • Intersectionality
    • Racism in queer spaces
    • Gender
    • Coming out
    • Body image
    • Language
    • Polyamory and other relationship structures
    • White privilege
    • Gatekeeping
    • Feminism
    • And plenty more!

The book also explicitly or implicitly addresses some of the following content: sexual harassment, racism, menstruation, drugs, and sex.


Last Updated: 11/16/21