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LGBTQIA+ Student Organizations and Groups

The University of Utah has several LGBTQIA+ student organizations which serve as important hubs for community, activism, and leadership on our campus. Check out these many opprotunites to get involved!

The Diversity Graduate School Application Advisory (DGSAA) is aimed at helping all students apply to graduate school, with a focus on supporting underrepresented students’ needs. Applying to graduate school is complex, and many students might not have the insider information necessary to navigate this process successfully. This advisory was created to help female, minority, LGBTQ, non-traditional students, and all students with the full application process. We offer one on one meetings to discuss; taking the GRE, essays, choosing programs to apply for, funding, important elements to add to the CV, interviewing, advisors, publications, presentations, and more broadly how to stay sane but get into a program that you will love!

Inclusive Earth encourages unity and inclusivity in the College of Mines and Earth Sciences (CMES) community, including faculty, staff, and students. We will facilitate constructive and respectful dialogue and open-minded debate about safety, bias, and diversity, with respect to science, community, and professional development.

in-STEM provides diverse students a supportive community to foster academic success, professional development, and community outreach. The organization focuses on supporting underserved communities in STEM such as women, minorities, and LGBTQ students. in-STEM’s community outreach program facilitates high school student involvement in higher-level education.

LGBTQ and Allies in Medicine's mission is to increase awareness and education concerning LGBTQ healthcare issues as well as provide a social and support network for University of Utah medical students, residents, and faculty who identify as LGBTQIA+.

Out for Business (O4B) is a professional development and community outreach group that develops relationships, resources and education among faculty, staff, students and companies for the benefit of LGBTQ+ business students.

oSTEM description: Are you an LGBT student or ally? Are you interested in STEM fields? Join us in building community, doing outreach, and blazing a trail for LGBT students in STEM fields at the University of Utah.

Pride Law Caucus (PLC) in SJ Quinney College of Law was created to allow law students who are interested in LGBT legal issues to have a common forum to expand their knowledge and share their areas of interest in LGBT issues. The objective of the group is to share these ideas and facilitate disbursement of employment and volunteer opportunities. PLC would also like to promote participation in community service projects, create scholarships, develop and maintain community partnerships, and educate other students about the area of LGBT legal issues and rights.

The Queer & Trans Students of Color student group is a collective of students housed within both the LGBT Resource center and the Center for Ethnic Student Affairs. QTSOC is a body of student-organized, student-run and self-governing of folx from various intersections of race, ethnicity, (a)gender, (a)sexuality, class, ability, and religion.

Students for Queer Art, Resistance, and Education (SQUARE) are a nonhierarchical LGBTQIA organization that uses art, activism, and advocacy as means to make space for trans/queer folks on campus and in the community. Some of the things we have done include, community art nights, and attending Creating Change.
Last Updated: 5/24/21