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 The Queer & Trans Students of Color student group is a collective of students housed within both the LGBT Resource center and the Center for Ethnic Student Affairs. QTSOC is a body of student-organized, student-run and self-governing of folx from various intersections of race, ethnicity, (a)gender, (a)sexuality, class, ability, and religion.

Our Mission Statement

The purpose of the Queer & Trans Students of Color student group is to provide a space for voices of intersecting identities of gender, sexuality and ethnicity. We promote a fluid development of our many intersecting identities through social justice, community building, critical thinking, and creative expression.

The goals of QTSOC include but are not limited to:

  • Promoting social justice through cross cultural awareness, creative expression, open dialogue and community building.
  • Critical thinking and awareness of privilege, power, social inequity, identity, white supremacy and the hegemonies of our educational institution.
  • Challenging ourselves and others to examine our investments in problematic practices, themes and internalizations. Examples include racism within the queer community, homophobia within communities of color, transphobia, minstrelsy, microaggression, tokenization, and exploitation in any space.


Are you interested getting involved with QTSOC? Email for more information!

Last Updated: 5/24/21