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Queer and Trans Students of Color

QT SOCs: A Community Space for Queer and Trans Students of Color!

QT SOCs is designed to provide community for queer and trans students of color through social meetings and fun events. This is a space to explore your intersectionality and blur the lines between race, gender, and sexuality.

The term "people of color" refers to those who are Black/African American, Indigenous, Asian/Asian American, Latina/o/x, Pacific Islander, Arab/Arab American, and/or Multiracial. The term "queer" is being used here as a term that includes lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, trans, queer, questioning, intersex, and/or asexual/aromantic people. 

See below for our future Spring 2023 QT SOC events and how to register. If you have questions or needs to participate, contact us at or 801-587-7973.

SP 23 QT SOCs Events

All Spring 2023 QT SOC events occur on Mondays from 3:30-5:30pm.

See exact dates, locations, and planned activities for each meeting below:

  • Jan 30: Boardgame Extravaganza! 
    • Start the semester with the QTSOC community through a fun boardgame party and snacks!
    • Location: Gardner Commons 2760
  • Feb 6: Crafternoon
    • Join us in our cozy lounge to craft in community while listening to music or watching a movie.
    • Location: LGBT Resource Center Lounge
  • Feb 13: Fetishization and Dating in the Queer Community
    • Join us for this special Valentine's Day event to talk about dating and then join us for our second part during Fab Friday on Feb. 17!
    • Location: Gardner Commons 2760
  • Feb 20: President's Day
  • Feb 27: Headbanging Session!
    • Learn about queer punk and queer heavy metal in this ful listening session!
    • Location: Gardner Commons 2760
  • Mar 6: SPRING BREAK!! Relax :)
  • Mar 13: Crafternoon
    • Crochet cute lil hearts <3
    • Location: LGBT Resource Center
  • Mar 20: Crafternoon @ 2-4
    • Make vision boards for your bright future with Diversity Scholars!
    • Location: Unity Lounge
  • Apr 1: QTSOC Assemble @5-7
  • Apr 3: Movie Night @3-5
    • Watch a fun movie with Diversity Scholars!!
    • Location: Union Theater
  • Apr 10: Tie-Dying Socks!!
    • Celebrate QTSOCs by coming to tie dye some socks for finals!
    • Location: Gardner Commons 2760
  • Apr 17: Queer Immigrant Experience
    • Be in community in this discussion of what the queer immigrant experience is and looks like.
    • Location: Gardner Commons 2760
  • Apr 24: Study Session!
    • Come study with friends and snacks today!
    • Location: Gardner Commons 2760

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Last Updated: 3/6/23