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Queer and Trans Students of Color

QT SOCs: A Community Space for Queer and Trans Students of Color!

QT SOCs is designed to provide community for queer and trans students of color through social meetings and fun events. This is a space to explore your intersectionality and blur the lines between race, gender, and sexuality.

The term "people of color" refers to those who are Black/African American, Indigenous, Asian/Asian American, Latina/o/x, Pacific Islander, Arab/Arab American, and/or Multiracial. The term "queer" is being used here as a term that includes lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, trans, queer, questioning, intersex, and/or asexual/aromantic people. 

See below for our future Spring 2023 QT SOC events and how to register. If you have questions or needs to participate, contact us at or 801-587-7973.

SP 24 QT SOCs Events

All Spring 2024 QT SOC events occur on Tuesdays from Noon-1:00 PM.

See exact dates, locations, and planned activities for each meeting below:

  • Feb 13th: Sweet Hearts Arts & Crafts 
    • Make a sweet valentine for your boo!   
    • Location: Women's Resource Center
  • Feb 20th: Black History Month Renaissance Art Exhibit

    • Join us for this all day event! Located in the Union East Ballroom we will be celebrating and highlighting the Black & Queer artists & trailblazers of the Harlem renaissance era

  • Feb 27th: QT Bowling!

    • Join us in the Union Bowling alley for a free game of bowling! Bring your friends and your A game [:

      • Come to the LGBT RC at 11:45 this day to walk down together.

  • March 12: Yoga
    • Come & take a moment for yourself today. Move, stretch and be well in community!
    • Location: Student Rec Center. Meet in LGBT RC @ 11:30 to walk over together!
  • March 26: Power Point night
    • Join us for a powerpoint night! Come prepared with a short & funny powerpoint about something you feel passionate about. Some ideas you can bring are:
      • Who should or shouldn't have been nominated for a grammy
      • The gayest cars
      • Disney Channel orignial movies ranked from worst to best
      • ETC! Anything random that you feel particularly passionate about
    • Location: Women's Resource Center
  • March 30: LGBT RC Gayla
    • Join us for our annual Gayla fundraiser!
      • Please note this is a 21+ event
    • Register & find more information about our upcoming Gayla here. 
  • April 1-6: Pride Week!
    • Join us at any and all of the amazing events we have happening at our upcoming Pride Week!
    • Check out our Pride Week page here for any questions or concerns.
  • April 16th: Finals Study Hourzz 
    • Let go of some of your stress by prepping for finals! We will have games, coloring books, face masks, etc. 
    • Location: Women's Resource Center
Last Updated: 2/15/24