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Educational Workshops & Presentations

The LGBT Resource Center offers a variety of workshops on LGBTQIA+ topics as well as presentations about our office's services and programs. Currently available workshop curricula and informational presentations are described below. Educational workshops are only available to University of Utah students, including but not limited to: undergraduate and graduate classrooms, student orientations, and student leader or employee training. Presentations about the LGBT Resource Center are available to any University class, department, office, or group. 


The LGBT Resource Center's educational workshops seek to provide all students with opportunities to learn about gender, sexuality, and the oppressive systems that not only marginalize LGBTQIA+ folks, but impact us all. Equipped with that knowledge, students will also develop skills and the confidence to intervene in those systems and play an active part in creating a more inclusive University of Utah.

LGBTQIA+ Solidarity for Student Leaders 

This two-part workshop is tailored to the professional and personal development goals for student leadership positions at the University of Utah, including but not limited to: University student employees, student organizations, Greek life leadership, and student volunteers. Advisors, supervisors, and organizations seeking to better students' understandings of LGBTQIA+ identities, LGBTQIA+ student experiences, and how to be in solidarity with their LGBTQIA+ peers through their leadership positions can schedule workshops here.  

 Learning goals: 

  • Learn about resources that will help students in their roles on campus 
  • Understand how LGBTQIA+ students experience the U's campus and your department/office/organization  
  • Develop inclusive practices and strategies for LGBTQIA+ allyship in your work 
  • Explore LGBTQIA+ identities and histories 

 Workshop Format: 

 LGBTQIA+ Solidarity for Student Leaders is delivered over at least 2 sessions lasting 90 minutes to 2 hours. Sessions should take place within 2 weeks of each other. Students will receive workbooks for each session and engage in a variety of activities, personal reflections, and group discussions.


Exploring Gender & Sexuality in Your Classroom 

Do you teach a class that involves LGBTQIA+ topics or wish to add greater nuance to discussions of gender and sexuality in your classroom? This workshop is meant to enhance or establish foundations for classroom discussions related to LGBTQIA+ identities and experiences. Exploring Gender & Sexuality in Your Classroom can be tailored to course content to help instructors meet specific learning outcomes, and will create a learning environment where students feel comfortable asking questions and exploring topics that may be unfamiliar to them.  

 Workshop Format 

 Exploring Gender & Sexuality in Your Classroom offers three different tracks depending on your class length and learning goals. When scheduling this workshop, please consider what your class' needs are and the time required to meet those needs. The available tracks are: 

  • 60-minute: this abridged workshop establishes some general, foundational knowledge on LGBTQIA+ identities, explores how gender and sexuality impacts our campus, and provides information about the LGBT Resource Center. While there is space for Q&A during this workshop, there is limited time for small or large group discussion.  
  • 90-minute: students will engage in activities and discussions about LGBTQIA+ identities and experiences, how gender and sexuality impacts our campus, and some material tailored to the specific course topics. They will also reveive an overview of the LGBT Resource Center's services.  
  • 2-hour: students will take part in similar activities as the 90-minute track with extended time for discussion and greater engagement with learning material tailored to the specific course topic. The 2-hour track can be split into two, 1-hour sessions. If you are interested in scheduling the 2-hour track over two dates, e-mail Shelby Hearn at after submitting your request form.


A Crash Course in Pronouns 

Personal pronouns have made it to the mainstream: they're discussed on the news, listed in social media bios, and the singular "they" was dubbed Merriam-Webster's word of the year for 2019. But even with the lime light shining on personal pronouns, it can still be difficult to communicate what exactly pronouns are and why they're so important. This crash course fills that knowledge gap and addresses common questions and concerns such as "How do I know what pronouns to use for someone" and "What if I mess up?"  

 Workshop Format 

 A Crash Course in Pronouns can be facilitated over 60-90 minutes. Participants will participate in group activities, view videos, engage  in small and large group discussions, receive a pronouns worksheet, and come away with best practices regarding pronouns.  












Don't see a topic that fits your needs? E-mail our Coordinator of Education and Outreach, Shelby Hearn, at with information about your group and your learning goals. We are always working to create new curriculum to meet the ever-changing needs of our campus. 

Informational Presentations

Help UofU students learn about the resources and community available to them at the LGBT Resource Center! Our team provides informational presentations to classes, student groups, faculty, and staff. Presentations include a 30-minute overview of the LGBT Resource Center's services and programs and a Q&A, or a 60-minute presentation that provides additional information on situations where referring students to our office may be helpful, and best practices for how to approach those conversations and referrals.  

SchedUle a LGBT RC Informational Presentation

Frequently Asked Questions

As of Fall 2021, the LGBT Resource Center no longer facilitates workshops geared towards faculty or staff. However, we have colleagues in other areas of the University who provide excellent educational trainings that may fit your needs.

The Office for Inclusive Excellence offers trainings on a variety of topics such as inclusive classroom practices and microaggressions. 

The Office of Equal Opportunity provides trainings related to University, state, and federal policies and can speak to how those policies impact LGBTQIA+ populations on our campus. 

Univeristy hospital employees may consider reaching out to the Transgender Health Program for educational resources and trainings. 

For additional training and development needs, contact Human Resources

If you have additional questions about educational resources, e-mail the LGBT RC at 

All of our pre-set curricula have specific learning goals and are facilitated in the time needed to meet those goals. In fact, many of these topics could be afforded more time! While we understand that time is a precious commodity at a university, especially for students, we believe that meaningful learning requires time to reflect on and process new information, and that all new skills require guidance and practice. 

If you are interested in a workshop not outlined in the curricula above, reach out to our Coordinator of Education & Outreach, Shelby Hearn, at to discuss your request. Shelby can work with you to establish a workshop that fits your needs and availability, including scheduling multiple sessions or narrowing your topic area. However, please note that we generally do not facilitate one-time workshops shorter than 90 minutes with the exception of Crash Courses and the 60-minute track of Exploring Gender & Sexuality in Your Classroom.

The LGBT Resource Center only facilitates workshops for University of Utah students. Community organizations, schools, or businesses interested in LGBTQIA+ education are encouraged to reach out to the Utah Pride Center about their trainings and resources.  

Yes! High school counselors, faculty, GSA advisors, or University departments doing high school outreach can schedule an informational presentation with the LGBT Resource Center here or by e-mailing Shelby Hearn at We can present to your students on what resources are available to University of Utah students and what to look for when seeking an LGBTQIA-affirming college or university. We also enthusiastically invite any local GSAs, high school classes, or individual students to set up a campus visit and take a tour of our center. 

If you or your students are interested in information about applying to the University of Utah, you can contact your school's admissions counselor through the Office of Admissions

Last Updated: 12/17/21