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LGBT Resource Center's Gender & Sexuality Workshops

The LGBT Resource Center’s Gender & Sexuality Workshops are part of the educational arm of our office. These workshops ask participants to explore our personal relationships with sexuality, gender, privilege and oppression. Our office provides the following types of workshops and presentations:

  • 60 Minute Presentation – A one-hour presentation addressing some basics of gender and sexuality and the services the LGBT Resource Center provides.
  • 90 Minute Presentation with Q&A – An hour and a half presentation on gender and sexuality basics with time for attendees to ask questions.
  • 2 Hour Abridged Workshop – A foundational gender and sexuality workshop including activities, small and large group discussions.
  • 3 Hour Workshop - This workshop explores concepts of gender identity & expression, sexuality, and other identities, troubles arbitrary binaries, and reimagines best practices relevant to participants’ specific contexts.

Request a Workshop here! 

When scheduling a workshop, please take into consideration your group or office’s size, needs, and time available. We ask that you schedule no less than two weeks in advance. We are unable to facilitate workshops that begin after 6pm and generally cannot accommodate requests for workshops taking place on the weekend.

For any questions about the workshops offered, please contact our Coordinator of Education & Outreach Shelby Hearn at

Last Updated: 5/24/21