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Join Our Virtual Student Lounge on Discord!

Due to current health guidelines, our physical lounge will not be open for students to congregate. However, you can still connect with LGBTQIA+ community and with our staff by using our Virtual Lounge located on Discord. You'll be able to chat with other students, get to know our staff, answer the weekly whiteboard question, and keep up to date with what the LGBT RC has going on. Discord is a fun and accessible way for our LGBTQIA+ students to find and build community no matter where they are. 

We can't wait to see you online!

How do I join?

Our Discord is officially open! You can sign up to join by filling out this form. You will then receive an email from our office with a one-time use link to our server. You'll get instructions about how to get started once you've logged in!

What is Discord?

Discord is a popular group-chatting platform that you can acess on a phone, desktop application, or web browser. It allows for community building on special servers where users can send messages and connect via voice or video chat. You can share videos, images, music and more with friends. 

If you've never used Discord before and are unsure about how to get started, check out this beginner's guide

What are affinity channels? 

Discord allows us to host different text channels for any topic under the sun. Some are available to anyone who joins, like the Student Lounge, but we also have private channels for specific identity groups to connect to community. Even under the umbrella of LGBTQIA+ identities, we all have different lived experiences that may be specific to an identity or intersection of identities. We currently have three private affinity channels:

QTSOC Lounge

This channel is a part of QT SOCs, our new community programming for queer and trans students of color. It is a chat space for you to be in community, explore your intersectionalities, and have a dedicated space where you can be your whole, amazing self.  If you would like access to this channel, check 'Yes' to the QTSOC question in the sign up form linked above.

Ace Space

Students who identify or think they may identify as asexual, aromantic, or otherwise on the ace/aro spectrum can have access to this affinity space. This channel is by no means reserved for folks who identify solely as asexual or aromantic; attraction and sexuality are multifaceted, fluid, and often hard to pin down under a single definition or label. If you would like to be in community with students identifying within the ace/aro spectrum, check yes to the ace/aro question in the sign up form linked above.  

Graduate Student Lounge

Graduate school is exciting, stressful, and often an experience unlike anything you may have had in undergrad. If you are a graduate student here at the University of Utah, make sure to join this channel to meet other LGBTQIA+ grad students across disciplines. If you want access to the grad student lounge, check 'Yes' to the graduate student question in the sign up form linked above.

Want to connect with a specific community of students, but don't see an affinity space listed here? Let us know! Our Discord server is growing every day, and we want all students at the U to find meaningful community and connections. E-mail our Coordinator of Education & Outreach, Shelby Hearn, at with questions or requests regarding private affinity channels.

Last Updated: 12/17/21