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PRONOUNS: he/him/his

Harry Hawkins (he/him) is an advocacy and higher education professional seasoned in creating community partnerships, developing and delivering educational campaigns and programs, and spearheading organizational prioritiesHe previously served as the University of Missouri-St. Louis’ first LGBTQ+ Coordinator and the Director of Case Western Reserve University’s LGBT Center. He currently serves as the Director of the LGBT Resource Center at the University of Utah. Harry has a long and successful history of promoting diversity, equity, and inclusionHe completed his Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Mississippi State University, where he and his peers founded the university’s first Safe Zone programHarry was active in promoting social justice efforts on campus and in his community.   After completing his MS at Mississippi State, Harry went on to work for the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation’s largest LGBTQ+ and civil rights organizationHe spent three years as the HRC Field Coordinator in their Mississippi field office, where he energetically worked to promote LGBTQ+ advocacy initiatives to achieve LGBTQ+ equality.  

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LeiLoni Allan McLaughlin, Associate Director
PRONOUNS: she/they

LeiLoni is a passionate advocate for social justice and inclusion, with an extensive professional background in advocating for underrepresented communities, establishing inclusive spaces and programs, and fostering meaningful community connections.

Born and raised in Utah, LeiLoni holds a special place in her heart for Utah’s LGBTQ+ community, particularly the Queer/trans-BIPOC community. As one of the few Black/Polynesian queer individuals she knew growing up, LeiLoni understands the importance of community, empowerment, and celebrating queer individuals in Utah. She is a huge proponent of inclusive intersectionality and believes that when we see our most marginalized spaces, we all become better and more connected to the beautiful diversity of humanity.

When she's not working, you can find LeiLoni in the mountains, hiking on a trail with her wife and two children, or curled up in a cozy space with a good book. She is excited to embark on her journey as the Associate Director of the LGBTQ Resource Center and looks forward to serving the U of U’s LGBTQ+ community.

Tomoya Averett, Program & Outreach Coordinator
PRONOUNS: she/they

Hey, Hi, Hello! What a beautiful day to be queer! My name is Tomoya, I am a First Generation student and a graduate of Global Communication from Utah State University. I am the brain behind our 2024 Pride Week: Here & Queer the Pride Renaissance. Both my personal and professional careers have been centered around uplifting and empowering members of the queer BIPOC community here in Utah. I am a seasoned veteran in LGBTQ+ advoacy. I am also a committed Beyonce fan, move theater popcorn lover, and a proud cat parent!

Adelaida Salmeron
ADELAIDA SALMERÓN-CORTÉS, Community Engagement Facilitator
PRONOUNS: she/her/they

Hola, qué tal corillo! Addie is the community engagement facilitator and is majoring in Sociology with a minor in Spanish. Addie is extremely fascinated by human interactions and hopes to become a sociologist and work in the researching field.  Addie loves music, with reggaeton and midwest emo at her top listens. Addie has a massive love for people and is willing to talk about anything under the sun with anyone. Addie is actively working on and planning weekly events to keep the center lively and interactive! 

JESUS LOPEZ RODRIGUEZ, Community Marketing & Communications Specialist
PRONOUNS: he/him/his

Hello, It’s me! Jesus, your new communications and marketing specialist. A 3rd-year student majoring in Graphic Design! In the future, Jesus hopes in helping queer and BIPOC-owned businesses with everything branding and web design.  On his days off, you can find him playing Stardew Valley, trying out new healthy recipes, and discovering new skincare brands.




Last Updated: 3/28/24