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Queer Prom

Close out Pride Week with a bang at Queer Up Prom! An opportunity for students to relive or reimagine their prom experience, this event promises a night of celebration, inclusivity, and unforgettable memories.

Need To Know's:

  • When?
    • April 6th 2024 7-10pm
  • Where?
    • Bill and Pat Child Family Community Hall (Spencer Fox Eccles Business Building 7th Floor)
  • Do I need to register?
    • Registration is required for our Prom event- but feel free to bring a guest/a friend or a partner! You can RSVP here
  • Does it cost money?
    • Entrance and participation in Queer Prom is free
  • Where do I park?
    • We recommend to park in the 2nd level of the University of Utah's 'Central Garage' lot- located underneath the 'Central Garage'. Click here for  'Lot 11' directions, 
    • There is also the option parking in 'Lot 28',  please reference this map to search for this lot. 
  • Alternate Commuting Option:

      An alternate option for parking is to utilize our campus shuttle, the UTA, bus or trax. Students, faculty & staff can use your 'UID' to utilize these services for free. For more information on the campus shuttle schedule please reference (the link above)

  • What to bring?
    • A date/friend and your best dressed!


  • Prioritizing safety starts with knowing your exits and adhering to campus guidelines. Your awareness and preparedness can make all the difference in maintaining a secure and protected environment for everyone. Please follow the University of Utah's safety and community guidelines when attending Pride Week 2024 events. Know your exits- University of Utah SFEBB Map.

What If's?

  • What If I feel unsafe?
    • If you feel at safe at any point please call campus security: 801-585-2677 or 911.
  • What If I want to be escorted to my vehicle?
    • If you want to be escorted to your vehicle before, during or after a Pride Week event please call campus security: 801-585-2677.
  • What If I don't feel comfortable or well enough to walk back to my dorm, or residential area?
    • If you don't feel comfortable or well enough to walk back to your dorm or residence before, during or after a Pride week event please call for a free campus safe U ride: (801) 231-9058.
  • What if I want more insight?
    • Review more safety and protocol information here.
  • What if I have questions, concerns, or feedback?
    • Reach out to us! or call 801-587-7973.
Last Updated: 3/29/24