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Queer Market

Discover a vibrant showcase of products from Queer and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color)
-owned businesses both within our campus community and beyond. The Queer Market provides an exciting opportunity for students, staff, and faculty to explore, support, and shop until they drop! You can expect to find vendors that have amazing products spanning from:

  • Arts & Crafts!
  • Fashion!
  • LGBTQ+ health & wellness!
  • ETC!

If you plan on joining us for our Queer Market here are a few things you need to note:

Need To Know's:

  • When?
    • April 1st 2024 from 11-4pm.
  • Where?
    • University of Utah A. Ray Olpin Union Outdoor Patio.
  • Does it cost money?
    • Entrance into the Queer Market is free however you may find a really cool item that brings you so much joy you don't know how you lived without it so we reccomend to bring some cash!
    • How do I pay?
      • TBD
  • Where do I park?
    • We reccomend to park in the University of Utah's main Studen Union visitor parking lot- located at
      200 S Central Campus Dr
      Salt Lake City, UT 84112. This lot has a self pay kiosk. Be sure to pay attention to directional signage in the lot for guidance on how to pay for parking. 
      • The lot number is 'lot 28'. Please reference here for directions to lot 28
  • Alternate Commuting Option:

      An alternate option for parking is to utilize our campus shuttle, the UTA, bus or trax. Students, faculty & staff can use your 'UID' to utilize these services for free. For more information on the campus shuttle schedule please reference (the link above)

  • Do I need to register?
    • There is no registration required for the Queer Market- however we encourage you to RSVP!
  • What to bring
    • This is an outdoor event so we reccomend to bring water, and weather appropriate clothing.
    • The location may change pending weather. If weather is looking bad, please reference back to this page on 3/30.

Safety: Prioritizing safety starts with knowing your exits and adhering to campus guidelines. Your awareness and preparedness can make all the difference in maintaining a secure and protected environment for everyone. Please follow the University of Utah's safety and community guidelines when attending Pride Week 2024 events. Know your exits- University of Utah Union Building Map.

What If's?

  • What If I want to bring another guest who is not a student here at the U?
    • Community members are welcomed to all Pride Week events as guests. Please note that our campus community guidelines apply to guests as well. 
  • What If I feel unsafe?
    • If you feel at safe at any point please call campus security: 801-585-2677 or 911.
  • What If I want to be escorted to my vehicle?
    • If you want to be escorted to your vehicle before, during or after a Pride Week event please call campus security: 801-585-2677.
  • What If I don't feel comfortable or well enough to walk back to my dorm, or residential area?
    • If you don't feel comfortable or well enough to walk back to your dorm or residence before, during or after a Pride week event please call for a free campus safe U ride: (801) 231-9058.
  • What if I want more insight?
    • Review more safety and protocol information here.
  • What if I have questions, concerns, or feedback?
Last Updated: 3/28/24