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The Workshops Program at the University of Utah LGBT Resource Center asks participants to explore our personal relationships with gender, sexuality, privilege, and oppression. We attempt to engage our varying levels of (dis)comfort, (un)awareness, and (in)action through interactive activities as well as small and large group discussions to:

  1. Explore concepts of Assigned Sex, Gender Identity, Gender Expression, Sexuality, and other identities.
  2. Trouble arbitrary binaries wrapped around these identities.
  3. Delve into internalized and institutionalized privilege and oppression.
  4. Disrupt internalized and institutionalized privilege as we reimagine current, better, and best practices relevant to our specific contexts.

The Program generally lasts for 3 hours. Workshops can be scheduled throughout the year.

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Schedule a workshop for your office or department.

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For more information, please contact the Resource Center at 801-587-7973 or e-mail Gabriella Blanchard.

Last Updated: 6/23/17