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Interdependence Student Group

Interdependence is a student group at the University of Utah focused on identities at the intersections of disability and chronic illness, and gender and sexuality.

Mission Statement

Our philosophy and activities will center the needs and experiences of folx who identify as disabled, chronically ill, and/or neuro-diverse and as a gender or sexual minority.
We are committed to fighting for collective liberation from all systems of social and economic oppression in an accessible and interdependent way.


Digital Flier Image Description:

[Over a black background, a cartoon dog, cat, and crab are sitting on a ribbon with gradient colors; blue on the left, purple in the middle, and pink at the end. White text on top of the ribbon reads "Interdependence". The crab is pink with both claws raised in the air, and a white half circle for a sale. To it's right and in front of it is the cat, who is purple with a blue outline around its legs, blue blush spots, a blue nose, and five blue lines on its forehead. It's ears, eyebrows, and mouth are all pink. It has three black whiskers on each side of its nose. Behind and to the right of the cat and crab is a blue dog. The dogs snout and mouth area and ears are all pink. It has a small blue tongue the same color as its body sticking out of its mouth.

At the bottom of the photo white text reads: In order to include fox with chemical burns and/or perfume allergies, we ask that you come fragrance free.

In the top right corner white texts reads: This space is wheelchair accessible. If we can provide any further accommodations please contact us at

In between the text in the top right corner and the cartoon animals on the left side of the photo is larger white text that reads: Weekly Meetings: Wednesdays, 5:30-7pm, Audrey Lorde Lounge, (Union)]

Weekly Meetings

TBD - Follow our facebook page for updates as they become available!

Contact Us


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Last Updated: 7/30/18