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Mentor Application

This program pairs students who are exploring and developing their identities with individuals who have experience in similar self-indentities. Mentoring helps individuals develop a positive identity by providing a supportive relationship, accurate information, and a safe person to talk with about any of your concerns.

Contact Information
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  1. How to select more
    than one major.
  2. Gender Identity
  3. Gender Identity: The way you describe your gender. Ex: genderqueer, man, woman, agender.
  4. Gender Expression

  5. Gender Expression: The word(s) you use to describe the (a)gendered ways you present yourself. Ex: masculine, feminine, androgynous.
  6. Sexual Orientation
  7. The word(s) you use to describe your romantic, physical, sexual, and/or spiritual desires and/or their absence.
  8. If Multi-racial, please check all that apply
  9. Do you identify as intersex?

U of U LGBT Resource Center LGBT Mentoring Program

What the Program Does not Provide

  • Therapy or counseling
  • Absolute confidentiality - mentors may communicate with the program coordinator
  • An official source of information
  • Replacement for close personal friendships
  • Definitive answers to your questions
  • A dating service
  • Transportation

What a Mentee may Experience With a Mentor

  • Concern and care
  • Advice regarding your identities
  • Help finding community
  • Assistance in the coming out process
  • Help connecting with campus resources
  • Personal experience
  • Dialogue and feedback

What is Expected of You as a Mentor

  • Set up a meeting schedule with your mentee
  • Try to communicate your concerns or needs in as open and honest a manner as possible
  • No cars, drinking, use of substances or dating your mentee
Last Updated: 6/28/18